Looking for a trade license in Dubai for a secure and reliable business venture? Mark your plan with us and get a ballpark figure to setup business in the UAE. Experts are available on your call to form a Dubai Free Zone Company.

Emirates – the gateway to endless business opportunities in Free zones! As the name is self-explanatory, UAE Free Zones have emerged as the region’s dominant commercial hub due to the government’s and relevant authorities’ assistance programs. Entrepreneurs can setup business in the UAE with minimal business registration charges without any hurdles.

Foreign investors always prefer free zones because the Emirates has stable political conditions, a safe life, efficient law and order, tax haven status, and various economic benefits. The UAE has about 45 free zones, with each significant free zone hosting over 8,000 firms. Above all, numerous features such as commercial freedom and no tax jurisdiction make it the best option.

Securing a trade license in Dubai is the first step towards successfully establishing your business in Dubai’s dynamic market. First Idea Consultant guides you through obtaining a trade license and establishing a Dubai free zone company.

Tax FREE Company Setup in Dubai/UAE

Obtain Trade License in Dubai: Free Zone Company Registration

Before discussing obtaining a trade license in Dubai, find out why you should select a Dubai Free Zone company. If you are looking for a multinational and multicultural hub to operate any business, Free Zone is the best investment option for expatriates. There is no foreign ownership restriction or dependency on the Free Zone Authority. Unlike offshore companies, the Free Zone Authority (FZA) is liable for registration and issuing trade licenses in Dubai and the UAE.

However, the Free Zone Authority (FZA) comprises one or more commercial categories and can only issue licenses under respective categories.

What is a Free Zone Trade License?

A free zone is a designated platform for foreign investors and businesses where they have the freedom to operate their business activities. A free zone trade license is a legal document allotted to entrepreneurs for business setup in the UAE Free Zones.

For instance, for a Dubai free zone company set up in UAE, an entrepreneur can get a trade license in Dubai for 3 business activities for free but can add more by paying an extra trade license fee for a particular zone. With your busiest schedule, First Idea Consultant is here to help you obtain a business license in the Free Zone.

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Types of Free Zone Corporate Entities

Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

Free Zone Company (FZC)

The Free Zone Establishment (FZE) is the most prevalent business structure in the Free Trade Zone. An FZE corporation will have only one stakeholder, a company or an individual. Similarly, if there are several shareholders, it will be registered as a Free Zone Company (FZC). FZC is a Limited Liability Company with 2 or more shareholders, allowing investors to conduct trade and other commercial operations efficiently. You can also avail yourself of the same benefits from both independent of their shareholders.

How Do You Select a Suitable FREE ZONE to Setup Business in the UAE?

Investors frequently need help locating the appropriate authorities to create their firm and acquire a business license. The UAE is one of the most secure nations where one can reside and work. Moreover, there has been an enormous rise in the number of firms registered and resident visas acquired. Precisely due to this, the Freezone authorities are in a heated battle to recruit investors. Numerous free zones have begun granting permits at low cost to entice enterprises. For this reason, a cheap trade license in Dubai may be appropriate for small businesses. Above all, a Free Zone Company in the UAE provides several commercial benefits, and investors may select from various office spaces that meet their company needs.

Want trade license in dubai for dubai free zone company? setup business in UAE with business formation consultant to avoid hurdles

Dubai, UAE, has several developed free zones: the Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA), the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), the Ajman Free Zone, and the Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA). You can obtain Dubai Free Zone License, Sharjah Free Zone License, Abu Dhabi Free Zone License, Fujairah Free Zone License, Ajman Free Zone License, & RAK Free Zone License.

Every zone has different commercial laws and activities, so the cost of setting up a business in the UAE differs depending on the Zone’s jurisdiction. However, the types of trade licenses are UAE commercial licenses, Industrial licenses, Professional licenses, Tourism licenses, Agriculture licenses, and freelance licenses.

At First Idea Consultant LLC, a competent team is available to help with the Dubai Free Zone company registration. We function as a single-window solution for investors, reducing the challenges of free zone company registration in the UAE and completing everything as quickly as feasible. So, contact us today to easily select your free zone.

Process to Setup Business in UAE Free Zones

The process of obtaining a free zone trade license can be complex. However, the First Idea Consultant in the UAE makes it seamless and hassle-free. To clarify, our expert team navigates your path through the following steps to attaining a free zone trade license in Dubai:

Firstly, our team helps you select the ideal free zone based on the basic requirements of your business. Indeed, this selection is based on industry focus, infrastructural requirements, and licensing options.

Secondly, we assist you in compiling the required documents to obtain the free zone license and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

Requirement Documents for Obtaining a Trade License in Dubai

The documentation for obtaining a free zone trade license depends on the chosen free zone and the nature of the business. The documentation required mainly includes the following:

    • Passport copies of shareholders and directors
    • Visa copies (if applicable)
    • A business plan outlining proposed activities.
    • Memorandum Of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA)
    • No-objection certificate (if transferring from another free zone or mainland)

In addition, our team of professionals handles submitting your license application to the relevant free zone authorities as per your selection. With First Idea’s professional business setup consultants by your side, the whole process is streamlined, minimizing delays.

To make you pursue business activities freely, we will handle everything from start to end to get a Dubai Free Zone company license. So, you need to sit and relax because we have your back.

Top Benefits of Getting a Trade License in Dubai/UAE

Securing a Dubai-free zone license unlocks numerous business opportunities for your business. For instance, the following are some of the most beneficial factors of owning a free zone trade license in Dubai

100% Foreign Ownership

Free-zone companies in Dubai allow foreign investors to have full ownership.

Tax Exemptions for Trade Licenses

A Dubai free zone company is often exempt from corporate and personal taxes for a certain period. Indeed, this contributes to saving a significant amount of money.

Simplified Setup Process with 3 Years Visas for Investors, Staff, and Family Members

The Free Zone platform streamlines company procedures by reducing bureaucratic hurdles while speeding up the establishment process. Therefore, it contributes to hassle-free business affairs and 3-year visas for investors, staff, and family members.

Access to World-Class Infrastructure

They provide cutting-edge amenities such as contemporary office space, a large warehouse, and logistical assistance. As a result, this helps to improve the business's operating efficiency.

Strategic Location & Independent Bank Account

Dubai's free zone provides opportunities for international commerce and expansion potential due to its easy access to global markets. As a result, your company draws many clients, contributing to its overall success. Additionally, you can have an independent corporate bank account to handle transactions easily.

Import/Export activities, Warehouse & Virtual Office Facilities

You can easily import and export products without leverage charges and keep your inventory in warehouses. Furthermore, you can operate your business from anywhere with a virtual office.

Estimated Cost of Trade License in Dubai/UAE Free Zone

According to an estimate, the average investment for establishing a Dubai-free zone company is AED 11,900 with one visa. With six visas, the expected cost is AED 23,600. However, several factors may incur, including office space, visa, and license renewal costs. To make your venture worry-free, we accommodate you with our expert and professional services and transparent fees.

Setup Business in UAE: Start Trading Today Without Waiting!

To ensure quick business formation in the Free Zone & obtain a trade license in Dubai, we work strategically with your business activity and prepare the documentation. From approvals from relevant authorities to visa service, we have you all covered. So, what are you waiting for to set up business in the UAE? Contact top-rated consultants to establish a Dubai-free zone company with its full potential in no time.

Frequently asked questions


Indeed, setting up a Free Zone company is expensive compared with offshore. The significant difference is that offshore companies can have physical office space without any local sponsor. Moreover, the registration time is 4 to 6 weeks.

A free zone visa lasts 3 years and depends on your specific zone, whereas a Dubai visa is valid for 2 years and governed by UAE Labor Law. This is why the free zone visa is suitable for business activity.

No, a trade license is only valid for the respective free zones and internationally. To operate a business elsewhere, you must establish an offshore company with a local sponsor. Our team can assist you further with the registration process.

Yes, following a specific business niche requires obtaining approvals from relevant authorities. For instance, an institute needs approvals from the Human Development Authority (KHDA) and Knowledge. Otherwise, the FZA reviews your business activity during incorporation itself.

According to the estimate, obtaining a free zone license takes about 2 to 4 weeks, depending on your chosen free zone area and business activity. You can easily connect with your local business consultant at First Idea Consultant to get through UAE Free Zone New Company Setup hassle-free.

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