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UAE Business Setup: Offshore Company Formation in Dubai, UAE

The UAE ranks at the top when it comes to attractive business frameworks. As a matter of fact, in 2003, UAE became the global business hub with the hike in offshore companies in Dubai. The offshore company in the United Arab Emirates can establish and conduct business operations from anywhere outside the registered jurisdiction and the location. However, offshore licenses often conflict with the UAE free zone licenses

For this reason, a business set up consultant in Dubai offers investors and entrepreneurs intriguing possibilities for obtaining permits when setting up an offshore company.

At First Idea Consultant LLC, our team can help you with a new company set up in the UAE with 100% ownership. Moreover, it allows you to enter other international jurisdictions, get residency visas, and corporate bank accounts. So you can establish and pursue business activities profitably. Additionally, you can enjoy the monetary benefits, global business expansion, and stable & investor-friendly laws and regulations.

Let us help you with the advantages of offshore company formation in Dubai and other cities of the UAE to understand why it could be viable for obtaining business objectives.

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Exploring Top Offshore Jurisdictions in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) applies several jurisdictions, each offering unique features and benefits. Only three jurisdictions in the UAE can help incorporate offshore companies in a particular Emirate of the UAE. Moreover, each offshore jurisdiction provides different advantages for your UAE business setup niches. 

Jebel Ali (JAFZA Offshore)

The Jebel Ali (JAFZA offshore, established in 1985, is an industrial region near the Jebel Ali Port, one of the world’s largest shipping ports, that offers exceptional benefits to multinational enterprises. Indeed, they include various tax incentives, including no personal income tax, a 15-year corporation tax exemption, no import or export taxes, no currency restrictions, and simple labor recruiting.

Ras al-Khaimah (RAKICC Offshore)

Ras al Khaimah, located approximately an hour’s drive from Dubai, is known to be one of the fastest-growing Emirates among the seven emirates that form the UAE. Additionally, RAKICC ranks as having the highest level of industrialization in the UAE. The reason is they manufacture 26% of the GDP. Therefore, it provides business-friendly investment plans and competitive rates. Similarly, the cost of doing business in RAKICC is as low as 25 to 50%. As a result, this allows UAE businesses to maximize their return on investment.

Ajman Offshore

It is situated in the Emirate of Ajman, United Arab Emirates (UAE), as the name suggests. Ajman Offshore Zone in the UAE establishes an offshore regime, and your offshore business may be based in Dubai at market-competitive prices. Indeed, the characteristics of an Ajman offshore company are comparable to those of a RAK offshore firm. Moreover, it is cost-effective and requires a minimal budget for initial operational costs compared to others. Specifically, any change in a corporate shareholder can be processed within a week. 

Above all, these companies demand at least one director and one shareholder for offshore incorporation. However, the shareholder and director can be the same person.

Estimated Cost of Incorporating an Offshore Company

The cost of establishing an offshore company can vary in multiple aspects. The aspects may include but are not limited to, business niches, services, and UAE business setup charges. However, as per research, the estimated cost of creating a company in Dubai, UAE, can range from AED 19,500 to AED 49,000.

Top Benefits of a UAE Offshore Business License

This segment delves deeper into the advantages and perks of obtaining a UAE offshore license. Here, we will discuss features such as 100% foreign ownership, zero taxation on income and profits, seamless LLC company setup procedures, confidentiality, and protection. By comprehending these unique benefits, you can evaluate how offshore company formation in Dubai aligns with your business goals and objectives.

Expansion of the Market at the International Level

You can expand your international business cost-effectively. Indeed, you can achieve this by establishing an offshore company in the UAE. On paper, you can own an offshore company in Dubai without having an expensive physical outlet/franchise in Dubai. Hence, this unlocks opportunities that lead to increased international deals and collaborations.

Business Anonymity

Offshore companies in the UAE offer you high confidentiality with limited liability. Therefore, you wouldn't have to provide documentation in the public domain, including your company's financial information or ownership details. Such sensitive details are never disclosed to any third party unless the offshore company is suspected of criminal activities.

Multiple Tax Benefits

With an offshore company in Dubai, you are exempted from paying several taxes, including corporate income, sales, inheritance, property, and personal taxes. The UAE signed double taxation treaties with 117 countries in 2021. Additionally, this allows you to avoid the "double taxation" practice common worldwide. However, with offshore company formation in Dubai, UAE, you can conduct international business outside the UAE. 

Access to Better Global Funding

The UAE offshore scene is globally renowned. Its formidable reputation would positively impact how foreign investors look at your business. Additionally, the current economic atmosphere in the UAE will actively help your business thrive. The business set up consultant in Dubai can help you seamlessly navigate these procedures.

Essential Criteria for Forming an Offshore Company in the UAE

Now that you know all the essential information about offshore companies in the UAE, below is a checklist of some final requirements for your UAE offshore company formation. You will understand obtaining an offshore license to kick-start a UAE business setup.

Selection of a Jurisdiction

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers multiple jurisdictions, and selecting the most suitable one for you is the initial and most significant step. When forming an offshore company in Dubai, the following factors should be considered: taxation, location, and regulatory requirements.

Suitable Name of the Company

There are no specific requirements or criteria for selecting your company’s name except for the suffix. Indeed, your company’s name must end with the suffix “Limited or Ltd.” This denotes the legal status of your company.  

Offshore Representative Based in the Local area

The registration of an offshore representative is done under the UAE’s JAFZA Offshore Authority, RAK Offshore Authority, & Ajman Offshore Authorities. You will require the permit of one of these registered agents to complete your UAE offshore company incorporation.

A Minimum Share Capital 

There is no minimum capital requirement to set up an offshore company in the UAE. As mentioned in the Companies Law of 2009, offshore companies can determine the share capital of their limited liability company. They need to have enough capital to achieve their objectives. Additionally, UAE offshore authorities will only ask to see a certain amount of capital in your bank after the UAE business setup.

Opening of a Bank Account

Once you register your offshore company, an offshore company bank account in Dubai is essential. Notably, this step is crucial for conducting business activities and managing financial transactions for the organization in UAE. 

Ensuring Compliance and Legal Requirements

Maintaining compliance with UAE regulations and adhering to legal requirements is significant for every business operating with an offshore license. Hence, these requirements include annual financial statements, audits, and tax filings, if applicable.

Why Choose First Idea Consultant as Business Set Up Consultant in Dubai, UAE?

The First Idea’s business set up consultant in Dubai can guide you in making informed decisions regarding your UAE business setup. It includes the application, address, bank document with a reference letter, passport copies, MOA, the owner’s CV, and the business plan. Ultimately, you will embark on a successful offshore business registration journey. Contact us today to register an offshore company in the United Arab Emirates & open a bank account in Dubai for foreigners.

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Frequently asked questions


The period required for the registration depends upon the complexity of the application process. Hence, establishing an offshore UAE business setup might take two to four weeks. Moreover, working with a professional business setup consultant in Dubai may help speed up the process by ensuring all documentation is correctly presented. 

UAE offshore companies typically utilize local banking services and a 0% tax rate. However, these companies can have accounts elsewhere in the world. First Idea Consultant LLC has many international banking relationships worldwide and can provide the necessary introductions.

There is no such requirement for registering an RAKICC. However, for a JAFZA Offshore Company, the shareholders and directors must sign in the presence of the authorities in Jebel Ali. 

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