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Mainland Company Formation in Dubai & The UAE - Dubai Mainland License Cost

The Mainland is a region in the respective Emirate of UAE independent of UAE free zones, licensed by the Department of Economic Development (DED). Truly, a mainland license is a game-changer for businessmen. However, many entrepreneurs still need to learn about this epic journey of the trade-licensed venture. So, to be successful in business without any restrictions in UAE and international trade, consult the best business set up consultant in UAE.

With 5 years of experience, our dedicated team of chartered accountants, lawyers, and business consultants helps establish multiple sizes & types of business structures in the Mainland. Indeed, establishing a Limited Liability Company (LLC) business license in the UAE is easy but a strategic procedure. 

Regarding mainland company licenses, our experts will do feasibility studies, advise you to choose business activities, and offer cost-effective solutions. Ultimately, it will help you finalize the structure/restructure of your corporate endeavours in UAE.

Although certain professional activities may have specific regulations outlined by the DED, this includes but is not limited to renting office spaces, obtaining a new business license, & earning legal residence. 

So, whether you need a commercial trading license, e-commerce license, manufacturing license, consultancy license, IT service license, or real estate license in Dubai, we can help you navigate any necessary approvals from relevant authorities. Let’s start the UAE business venture to soar internationally.

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Business Activities Under Mainland Company Licenses in UAE

The business setup in Dubai Mainland provides various licenses encompassing various commercial operations. However, the permit required for your mainland firm is determined by the nature of your activity and the services you intend to supply. Therefore, the following are the common mainland firm license categories in Dubai, UAE.

Commercial License

This license is for businesses participating in trade operations, such as purchasing and selling items. Similarly, it includes product importation, exportation, and distribution.

Professional License

Physicians, attorneys, consultants, and engineers must have a professional license to serve in Dubai. Likewise, this license is often issued to people or businesses offering professional services.

Industrial License

Businesses that manufacture, process, or operate industrially require an industrial license. Therefore, including actions such as production, manufacturing, and installation of subjects.

Tourism License

Companies involved in the tourist industry, for instance,  travel agencies, tour operators, and hotels require a tourism license.

E-commerce License

Companies operating online shopping, e-commerce, and digital companies require an e-commerce license.

Agricultural License

License registered under MoCCaE for agriculture activities including import/export assessments and labour contracts.

What is the Estimated Dubai Mainland License Cost?

The Dubai mainland license cost varies depending on various factors, including office space requirements, type of business activity, and sponsor fees. At First Idea Consultant LLC, we ensure cost-effectiveness and clarity while providing transparent pricing structures for your mainland business setup in Dubai. However, per an estimate, company formation cost in Dubai Mainland 2024 starts from AED 14,999 to AED 28,499.

Top Benefits of Business Setup in Dubai, Mainland

Per the latest business policy, any expat owner or foreign investor can avail of 100% ownership of a mainland agency. However, unlike UAE free zone companies, mainland company has the facility to function throughout the UAE without any restriction. The preferred locations for mainland company formation in Dubai are Sheikh Zayed Road, Deira, Business Bay, & Al Qusais. However, our business setup services in UAE include Mainland company formation in Dubai Dubai MainlandSharjah MainlandAjman Mainland, & Abu Dhabi Mainland ), Business setup in UAE Free Zones, ( Dubai Free Zone, Sharjah Free Zone, Abu Dhabi Free Zone, Fujairah Free Zone, Ajman Free ZoneRAK Free Zone ) & Offshore Business Setup in UAE (  Dubai Offshore, Jebel Ali Dubai Offshore, Ajman Offshore, & Ras Al Khaimah Offshore ). If compared, following are the benefits of setting up a mainland business in Dubai

Flexibility in Business Activities

Mainland enterprises in Dubai can conduct a wide range of operations. However, some firms may have limitations on certain commercial activities. Nevertheless, business setup in Dubai mainland have unfettered platforms for conducting their commercial activity.

100% Ownership & Tax Exemption

HH Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid has made a historic decision allowing 100% foreign ownership & tax exemption on personal and corporate income or gains from mainland operations. Hence, a business-friendly environment to attract foreign investors to the UAE.

Greater Networking Opportunities

Mainland businesses assist your firm to thrive by expanding the business environment. Indeed, this opens up collaboration opportunities with local and international firms, allowing your company to grow.

No Currency Restrictions

International trade and business operations are facilitated as mainland businesses can transact in any currency without restrictions or limitations.

Access to Diverse Market

Businesses that obtain a mainland license may pursue commercial endeavours in the larger market, capitalizing on the UAE’s strategic position and well-established infrastructure. Also, mainland license holders can operate within the country and have special access to other GCC states.

Strategic Location & Skilled Workforce

Dubai is geographically located between Europe, Asia, and Africa. Therefore, this renders the city an ideal location for business and trade on an international scale. Moreover, Dubai attracts a worldwide talent pool, making recruiting competent workers across industries easier.

Essential Criteria Steps to Register Business in Dubai Mainland

There are a few crucial elements to consider while navigating Dubai’s mainland business registration process. For Instance;

1. Determine Business Activity

Select and finalize the business activities before business formation in Dubai Mainland.

2. Location Finalization

Many highly promising and ideal locations are available for mainland company formation in Dubai.

3 Choose a Local Partner

Choose an LLC partner or appoint any local Emirati sponsor for the Mainland company setup.

4. Register a Trade Name for Your Dubai Mainland Business

Choosing a unique business name that aligns with the regulations of the UAE builds a great impression on the audience. Likewise, your brand’s name should be a perfect fit for your business to reflect your brand identity.

5. Submission of Legal Documents

To initiate the registration process for mainland company Dubai, the following documents must be submitted:

  1. Memorandum of Association (MoA)
  2. Articles of Association (AOA)
  3. Passport copies for shareholders and sponsors
  4. No Objection Certificate (NOC) provided by the landlord.
  5. Application for License

5. Obtain Approvals from Departments

Get approvals from all relevant authorities like Dubai Municipality, Department of Economic Development, Ministry of Economy, Dubai Health Department etc. Approval from departments is a prerequisite for a business license.

6.  Apply for a Business License in Dubai Mainland

Apply for a business license in Dubai Mainland with prerequisites after DED approves. However, the permit will be allowed after complete verification at the applicable Dubai mainland license cost.

7. Visas for the Employees

After receiving the Dubai Mainland business licence, you can apply for visas for foreign employees, dependants, and spouses.

8. Opening a Corporate Bank Account

For smooth business transactions, a business bank account opening is a must. Our consultants for business setup in Dubai mainland will help you.

Required Documents for Business Setup in Dubai Mainland

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  1. Shareholders and sponsors’ passport copies
  2. Proposed business name
  3. Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  4. Articles of Association (AOA)
  5. Tenancy contract
  6. Relevant application forms and fees
  7. LLC Agreement (attested)
  8. Government forms (if needed)
  9. Initial approvals
  10. External department approvals
  11. EJARI Registration certificate
  12. Copy of NOC for partners
  13. Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry Registration

Also, make sure these documents are accurate and equip the required information. As a result, this will streamline the registration process.

How Does First Idea Consultant Help for Mainland Company Formation in Dubai UAE?

Explore an extensive range of services offered by First Idea consultant in Dubai to assist you in streamlining and enhancing various business operations, for instance, establishing a business setup in Dubai mainland and mainland company formation. These valuable services include:

Corporate Governance:

We ensure compliance with local laws & regulations, including corporate governance standards, as well as legal difficulties and penalties for your company.

PRO Services:

First Idea Business Consultant LLC offers PRO services utilizing connections with officials and government agencies to foster interactions. Also, our experts excel at managing client relationships.

Accountancy and Bookkeeping:

Our qualified accounting and bookkeeping services will assist you in maintaining accurate financial records and fulfilling financial reporting standards.

Trademark Registration:

We help you protect your rights to intellectual property by obtaining trademark registration assistance.

Office Solutions:

First Idea’s professional team will assist you in business setup in Dubai Mainland to create your strong physical appearance in the ever-evolving business landscape of Dubai Mainland.

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Launch your journey to success with First Idea’s professional business setup consultants with extensive expertise in the UAE’s local norms and regulations. To conclude, we provide a hassle-free and effective mainland business establishment in Dubai’s flourishing market. So, don’t hesitate to contact First Idea Consultant today for a quick expert consultation at CALL NOW +971 52 581 9500 or email at [email protected]

Frequently asked questions


A mainland business in Dubai is registered with the Department of Economic Development. Indeed, it offers many opportunities for companies eager to establish their presence worldwide.

Any investor of mainland company formation in Dubai shall have a local sponsor with 51% of the shares.

Establishing a mainland business in Dubai can be straightforward if you use great and experienced business setup advisors like us, as we are the pioneers in this field. In addition, our proficient business advisers will help you obtain a Dubai mainland license at transparent structures at the best Dubai mainland license cost.

If you want a mainland trade license in Dubai, you can have 100% ownership without an Emirati partner. However in some specific business activities, a local sponsor is necessary. Also, stockholders and partners must present themselves physically.

For the setup of business in the mainland, a company must have a physical office space of a minimum of 200 sqft.

Dubai's mainland business setup has no visa restriction. If you have an office space, you can get a visa easily.

As estimated, mainland business setup in UAE will take up to 10 business days.

For all tax-registered companies in the UAE mainland, VAT is applicable.

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